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Ghetto whores taking turns using their face as a puke bowl


Today is a landmark day. The day that Jim has dreamed about since he was old enough to pop a boner. We got to film two sisters at the same time. You’ve met both Jalisa and Ebony Ice before. Today, these sisters will do things to each other that’ll make you cringe. That is my promise to you. Like what you ask? Well… how about each one taking turns using their face as a puke bowl? WTF??? Watch full video at Ghetto Gaggers

Carmen Hazel is a nice and lean middle class suburban ho


Carmen Hazel is a nice and lean middle class suburban ho who took a break from working at her mundane job in the mall to explore being the next big porn whore. Life, as it usually does, took a wrong turn and Carmen ended up on our couch. What this whore though would be a fun and sexy walk in the park, turned into a miserable experience full of face slaps and spit right in her pretty face. Download more free vids from GhettoGaggers.

First timer getting proper jizz treatment


Janea is new to the industry and today it is her first time ever getting dp’ed. She is a nice girl, she has a great attitude, tight banging body, and an asshole that is as tight and is asking to get proper pounding. Janea was tossed around like a Raggedy Anefa doll. Her throat pillaged, her asshole plundered, and ended with 3 heaping size loads of hot fresh men cream. I don’t even want to say everything that happened in this movie, you must see as it is one of the best ever done. Check it out at GhettoGaggers Tube


Sweet fuck meat from Texas


Zanica is young sweet babe looking shy, but her lean and petite body with a solid booty is ready to experience something new. I know it’s going to be a long day with her but once I have my cock rammed down her throat she will know what is going on. She will get proper slapping so she will know how to behave for the next time. I guess spit on is not in her vocabulary… so when it happens, she will freeze like a deer in headlights. And ass banging will be next on the list. Watch the new galleries with this whore becoming a porn professional at Ghetto Gaggers Videos